• Create Transformation by living a life where you recognize your creative talents which you are most passionate about.

  • Create Transformation by finding a path where you can unite with others to form support groups, dissolve the fear of trying new creative talents and reduce procrastination.

  • Create Transformation by discovering your balance of home, work and retirement, while always emphasizing self-love.

Experience Creative Transformation by Making a Difference

About Mona

Mona began her career in Education as a second grade teacher in Sunflower, Kansas. During her first year of teaching she had a student in her class who was waiting for his eighth birthday to be placed in a special class which was called then a class for mentally retarded students. Mona thought she needed to take a class in special education so she could help her student who will be in her class until May. After her first graduate class she realized he was not mentally retarded but was part of a new special education group labeled learning disabled. She was determined to help her student and by the following school year she developed the first Resource Room model for Learning Disabled students in the state. Mona continued her graduate work until she received her masters and doctorate and was on university and college faculties where she helped graduate schools throughout the country develop Resource Programs for Learning Disabled students.

After giving birth to her three sons, she and her husband relocated to the northwest and she decided to not work full time with three children under five. That was when she developed her nonprofit and named it Unified Creativity.

Unified Creativity

  • Helped develop computer literacy in schools. “Schools were buying computers and keeping them in boxes because nobody knew what to do with them,” Mona recalls. She and a friend began teaching computer classes to educators and children to help them get the technology out of the box.
  • Taught new mothers to nurture their babies’ growth and have fun with them while changing diapers.  When a friend from Graduate School designed a “Baby’s First Year” perpetual calendar to hang above the changing table, Mona became its marketer and distributor as a way to help mothers tap into age-appropriate art and activities at every developmental stage of their baby’s first 365 days.
  • Introduced women and seniors to use IBM computers.  “At this time we lived near three community colleges and in the 80s  I taught an introductory computer class at all of them,” Mona says.
  • Helped educators to learn more about foster children and be more supportive of them.  As an educational consultant for a large Seattle nonprofit, Mona created a DVD, “Endless Dreams,” to give educators more empathy for foster children and their needs.  “It featured a teenager who lived through the foster care system talk from her heart of the importance good teachers and schools had in her life. Later Mona and a group of friends won a five-year federal grant to continue  this work.
  • Wrote and marketed a book designed to promote conscious eating.  When Mona’s young adult son died of undiagnosed diabetes, Mona turned inward. Acutely aware of the needs of people like her son, who didn’t have a lot of time and money to invest in nutrition, she again wanted to help.  In meditation she heard the name of the book, “What are You Doing For Lunch”—and so the book was born.
  • Began to read her own Akashic Records and became a reader to help others learn from their own Akashic Records, working with husband Kelly Williams, Mona’s partner at Unified Creativity. According to Ernesto Ortiz in his book The Akashic Records Akasha is a Sanscript word meaning ether, sky, or cosmos. If you believe in reincarnation the Records hold all of ones knowledge past and present, with the possibility of unfolding future events. It’s like having access to your soul’s Library of Congress, says Ernesto Ortiz. To find out more about Akashic Records visit Ernesto Ortiz’s website.
  • Was inspired to create Authentic Living and Aging. The idea came to her through the Akashic Records during a retreat, Rites of Passage to Elderhood, facilitated by Ron Pevny, author of Conscious Living and Conscious Aging. Mona discovered her life’s purpose at that retreat. She couldn’t understand why we spend so much time preparing for various stages of life and we don’t learn aging can also be a time of expansion and freedom, a time to experience ever-increasing levels of balance, flexibility, intuition, spontaneity and joy. 
  • Yet again Mona saw a need and used Unified Creativity to meet it.  “I want to reach people who aren’t quite sure what to do next—but they know they have a spark inside.”

Next Steps …

Mona recently retired and relocated where she is trying to live an authentic and creative life with her husband and is making a personal commitment to creatively grow and serve as she ages. She wants to work with others individually or in small groups in person or on zoom.

If you are interested in getting involved with Unified Creativity groups, email Mona at mona@unifiedcreativity.com to arrange a free 20 minute conversation.

“It’s not how much we do, but how much love we put into it.”
— Mother Theresa